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Off Grid Street Lighting



Darren - 07468 471483

Gordon - 07866 256066


A bit about KIGHT

Our innovative design means that our solar panels require no maintenance, as they are self-cleaning, do not collect dust or snow like traditionally mounted solar panels, ensuring sufficient solar generation, without large solar panels sticking out of the column, whilst at the same time guaranteeing the lantern is operational throughout the year. In operational deployment our solutions measured lumen output and lighting spread outperforms traditional grid connected, comparable street lanterns, from both an output and spread perspective. In addition, our lantern and solar holder are both rotary moulded from recycled plastic, which can also be fully recycled at the end of its very long life, making our solutions truly green. The nature of the construction of our lanterns and solar holder means that they are extremely robust, exceeding the IK10 specifications, making our solution vandal proof and perfect for city wide, off-grid and coastal deployment. In addition, being rotary moulded, means our lanterns and solar holders do not require powder coating, ensuring our solutions maintain their appearance without degrading throughout their very long lifetime.

kight lighting the problem.PNG
kight lighting the action.PNG
kight lighting the solution.PNG
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